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Beware of scams – German Property Group, The Resort Group, Storefirst and Parkfirst investors beware of scammers offering to release these assets from your pension for an upfront fee.  Click here for more details.

Family Pension Trusts and Self Invested Personal Pensions

The Rowanmoor FPT was launched in 2006 and our SIPP in 2009. We have been at the forefront of the member-directed pensions industry ever since.


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It should be easy to find what you need. Our new Adviser Gateway provides access to the best of our adviser resources from a single hub.

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COVID-19 information

Embark Group continues to monitor the Coronavirus to support our clients and ensure the safety of our employees.

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We support entrepreneurs, business owners and families with similar long-term investment objectives who are looking for investment flexibility and access to a full range of asset classes, all within a tax efficient structure.

In addition to our Family Pension Trust and SIPP (SIPP available to existing customers only), we offer a range of additional scheme services backed by our technical expertise and focus on product innovation.

Please note this site is primarily for use by Advisers and customers in conjunction with their adviser. The information and opinions provided are for guidance only and are not intended as investment advice. We recommend that you seek advice from a recognised investment professional before making any decision to invest in one of our products.

Family Pension Trust

A cross between a SSAS and a SIPP, a Family Pension Trust is for families or a group of individuals with similar objectives who can pool their financial resources in a Family Pension Trust.

The UK’s first Family Pension Trust, it is structured so that members can either retain full control over their own pension investments, via separate arrangements within the one scheme, or they can pool funds with other members and invest jointly in one or more common funds, widening the investment options and potentially decreasing costs.

Rowanmoor SIPP – closed to new applications

Rowanmoor SIPP is closed to new business. This closure has no impact on any existing Rowanmoor SIPP scheme members and their Advisers, who can still make contributions, invest funds and make withdrawals in exactly the same way as before.

Read more information about our services offered to existing Rowanmoor customers.

Embark Pensions SIPP - offered via our group company, Embark Pensions

All new SIPP applications for the Embark Group are processed through a group company, Embark Pensions (a trading name for EBS Pensions Limited).

Embark Pensions offers two variations of our SIPP: the straightforward Option SIPP provides simple investment options with low costs. The more bespoke Full SIPP solution is available for clients that require property expertise, greater diversity and wider investment flexibility (the Full SIPP also has a nil entry cost).


Our sister company, Embark Actuarial, offers commercially aware, understandable solutions for scheme trustees.

Embark Actuarial


We can assist with pension related accountancy queries from trustees of schemes not administered by us.

Scheme accountancy services


Technical support and actuarial services, the preparation of scheme documentation and administration.​

SIPP services (existing customers)

About Embark Group

Embark Group is a fast growing, diversified, financial services business and one of the largest full-scale retirement solutions providers in the UK. We operate successfully in both the advised and institutional areas of the retirement market and power some of the UK’s largest retail financial services businesses. You can find out more information at the Embark Group website or download our Group Due Diligence guide.


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We have used the Rowanmoor FPT proposition for a number of my clients. The product solutions and features are innovative and market leading; and fitted my clients requirements perfectly. The support from Alan and the support team makes the technically difficult, on boarding and ongoing support best in class, and helps me add value to my client relationships


  • Neal Pritchard, WPS Wealth, South Wales