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Beware of scams – German Property Group, The Resort Group, Storefirst and Parkfirst investors beware of scammers offering to release these assets from your pension for an upfront fee.  Click here for more details.

Welcome to Rowanmoor

We are one of the UK’s largest independent bespoke pensions providers following our separation from Embark Group.

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A SSAS is a powerful tool for retirement and business planning

Full investment flexibility and additional benefits for business owners

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Making the complex simple

Providing professional and specialist actuarial solutions to trustees and directors of SME firms.

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Family Pension Trust

A Family Pension Trust is designed for families with similar objectives.

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Rowanmoor Group has long been at the forefront of the member-directed pensions industry and is one of the UK’s leading independent bespoke pension providers.

We support individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners and families with similar long-term investment objectives who are looking for investment flexibility and access to a full range of asset classes, all within a tax efficient structure. We are also one of the UK’s largest independent small self-administered scheme (SSAS) providers.

Deep and proven expertise

We bring extensive expertise in pensions, SSAS administration, actuarial and property solutions from over 15 years of experience working with advisers and intermediary distribution partners on behalf of their clients.

Bespoke pension focus

We only focus on pension administration, helping clients to navigate the complexity of pensions and taxation with a focus on reducing risk and providing the most flexible solutions to protect their interests for retirement.

Exceptional service

Our people are committed to providing a quality service across all aspects of pension administration and we provide direct access to our technical specialists, as and when our clients need them.

Group vital statistics

Rowanmoor has significant backing from a portfolio of investors including FNZ, New Star Investment Trust and The Merian Chrysalis Investment Company.









*Figures as at January 2022.

Our services

Businesses within Rowanmoor have been established in the pensions market for more than 15 years and have a long history of working closely with advisers, clients and intermediary partners.

Our expertise spans all aspects of pension provision, from scheme administration to accountancy, technical, actuarial and investments.  In addition, within our schemes we oversee more than 3000 properties.


Our Small Self-administered Pension Schemes (SSAS) offers maximum flexibility and control; not only for larger companies, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises.


A cross between a SSAS and a SIPP, a Family Pension Trust (FPT) is for like-minded investors or family members. The Rowanmoor FPT launched in 2006 and was the UK’s first FPT.


We launched our Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) in 2009. Our SIPP gives clients full control of their retirement savings. We provide Single Investment and Full Investment versions.


Our Actuarial team provides professional and specialist actuarial solutions to trustees and directors of Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) firms.