Rowanmoor SSAS services.

Our small self-administered scheme (SSAS) gives entrepreneurial business owners control of their retirement savings, with full investment flexibility. We also offer administration support for existing schemes.

Rowanmoor is the UK’s largest independent small self-administered scheme (SSAS) provider. We have been pioneers of the self-invested pensions market since 1979 and are widely recognised for our technical expertise, outstanding service and product innovation.

A SSAS is a flexible scheme for business owner-managers. It offers the widest choice of scheme investments, including commercial property, with the added benefit of a loanback facility. This makes SSAS a powerful tool for retirement and business planning.

Scheme members are trustees and retain full control of all aspects of the SSAS’s investment strategy and the payment of any benefits. Download our SSAS Guide to find out more. 

what we do.

We act as an independent trustee and scheme administrator, navigating the complexity of pensions and taxation legislation using our in-depth knowledge of the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) compliance and audit regime.

This involves supplying the necessary documentation to establish or takeover an existing SSAS, registering it with HMRC and administering the scheme.

Our administration services include:

  • record keeping for scheme investments, income and expenditure
  • calculating and reviewing benefit payments
  • technical support and guidance for member trustees
  • preparation and submission of annual unaudited scheme accounts
  • creating reports, filing and remitting payments to HMRC


Download our SSAS literature and application forms using the links below. If you have any questions, please call our sales support team on 03445 440 550. 

View the full list of permitted investments. To appoint a discretionary fund manager or stockbroker please contact us to ensure it is approved.

The UK's Best SSAS Provider



We are proud to hold the title for Best SSAS Provider at the Investment Life & Pension Moneyfacts Awards since 2008.

Defined Benefit SSAS, a different scheme option.

Like a traditional defined benefit scheme a Defined Benefit SSAS can be used to provide for a specific pension level at retirement without the commitment to fund for future years of service. It also allows for higher contributions, so members can catch-up on lost years of pension funding.


SSAS features and benefits.

Case studies show how a SSAS can support business and retirement planning. 

business expansion.

A family business financed expansion using a secured loan through their SSAS, while building financial security for future generations.

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improved cashflow.

Business partners raised finance to assist growth, improve cashflow and make tax savings while building their retirement savings.

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liquidity to pay benefits.

This small business transferred from SIPP to SSAS, facilitating an increase in scheme liquidity and enabling payment of retirement benefits.

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property purchase.

Purchasing leasehold property from this sponsoring employer released capital, diversified funds and enabled early retirement.

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Rowanmoor actuarial consultancy.

Our team of in-house actuaries offer commercially aware, understandable solutions for scheme trustees.​

Actuarial consultancy  

scheme accountancy.

We can assist with pension related accountancy queries from trustees of schemes not administered by us.

Accountancy services  

practitioner services.

Technical support and actuarial services, preparing scheme documentation and administration.​ 

SSAS practitioner services