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During the Coronavirus outbreak, we are taking precautions to protect the health of our colleagues and clients as well as working hard to ensure business as usual is maintained. We will continue to respond to all communications as quickly as we can. However, if your call is not urgent, please contact us via email and we will respond as soon as possible. If you are uncertain of a particular email address, please use one the following:


Alternatively, if your call is urgent, many of our staff are contactable on their direct lines. The Embark Group has full capabilities in place to enable all our staff to work remotely and we are doing our best to maintain our service levels, however please note response times may vary.

For useful tools and resources or to learn more about the market impact of Coronavirus, please visit our COVID-19 page.

mandatory scheme bank account.

The Metro Bank PLC account we set up for each SIPP, SSAS or Family Pension Trust is for the purpose of managing all cash payments related to the scheme. As trustee, Rowanmoor Trustees Limited is the sole signatory and responsible for all day-to-day management of the account.

The main features of the Metro Bank account are instant access, monthly bank statements and no charges for sterling transactions.

We require a minimum of £3,000 in cash (£2,000 for SIPP) or other easily realisable assets at all times. This is to ensure there is enough cash to meet investment needs, associated fees, pension benefits and any other outgoing payments.

Interest on scheme bank accounts held with Metro Bank is compounded and credited monthly (gross). In the current climate the amount of interest paid to your account is 0.0%. Note that base rate fluctuations may result in interest rate variation.

The terms of our agreement with Metro Bank involve us undertaking aspects of bank account management, for which we may receive a payment.

We do not restrict the number of other bank accounts that can be opened for investment purposes.

SSAS and Royal Bank of Scotland plc

Existing SSAS arrangements may have an account with Royal Bank of Scotland plc. The interest on these accounts is currently payable at bank base rate minus 0.875% (subject to a minimum of 0.01% p.a.). It is compounded and credited monthly (gross). The current interest rate on SSAS bank accounts is 0.01% p.a. Rowanmoor do not receive any payments from Royal Bank of Scotland plc.