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Beware of scams – German Property Group, The Resort Group, Storefirst and Parkfirst investors beware of scammers offering to release these assets from your pension for an upfront fee.  Click here for more details.

Defined Benefit SSAS

The Rowanmoor Defined Benefit SSAS is an alternative way for business owners to fund their retirement. lt facilitates higher contributions, which can be used to catch up on lost years of pension funding.

Like a traditional defined benefit scheme, members can fund for a specific pension level at retirement: – without the commitment to fund for future years of service.

The Defined Benefit SSAS allows for a maximum of 11 directors or key employees and can be used to purchase a wide range of investments, inducing commercial property. A popular strategy is the purchase and lease back of a business’s premises, taking advantage of scheme borrowing at up to 50% of the net fund value.

Tax advantages

Employer contributions qualify for tax relief, bringing significant savings especially where carry-forward can be utilised.

The unique targeted funding method for the scheme allows clients to manage their Lifetime Allowance limits far more effectively than with a traditional pension arrangement. A Defined Benefit SSAS is also an efficient tool for intergenerational planning; from the passing down of assets to estate planning strategies aimed at optimising fund value and maximising IHT efficiency.

Advice is recommended

The Defined Benefit SSAS is a complex product. It requires a long-term commitment to investing in a pension for the benefit of members. When evaluating your retirement funding options, it is advisable to consider several types of pension schemes. We also recommend you take regular investment advice as fund performance might not allow for the delivery of the defined benefit.

View the full list of permitted investments. To appoint a discretionary fund manager or stockbroker please contact us to ensure it is approved.


One of the benefits of using a SSAS is the ability to borrow from within the scheme. This may include borrowing to purchase commercial property or provide benefits.

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Buying commercial property via a self-invested pension can be a tax-efficient way to inject cash into a business and provide regular income in the form of rent.

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The member trustees may use the funds within the SSAS to invest in their business through secured loans, known as a loanback.

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The Metro Bank PLC account we set up for each SSAS is for the purpose of managing all cash payments related to the scheme.

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Additional Services

Actuarial Consultancy

Our Actuarial team offers commercially aware, understandable solutions for scheme trustees.

Scheme Accountancy

We can assist with pensions related accountancy queries from trustees of schemes not administered by us.

Practitioner Services

Technical support and actuarial services preparing scheme documentation and administration.

Technical detail

Funding Retirement

There are several ways an employer, members or third parties can contribute to a scheme.

Retirement Benefits

Our schemes aim to offer members the widest choice of options for taking retirement benefits.

Death Benefits

Death benefits are paid to a member’s nominated beneficiaries at the discretion of the Trustees.