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Beware of scams – German Property Group, The Resort Group, Storefirst and Parkfirst investors beware of scammers offering to release these assets from your pension for an upfront fee.  Click here for more details.

Permitted investments

Investments held in our self-invested pensions must meet our requirements for permissible assets. Occasionally legislation will affect particular asset types and render them unacceptable, where this is the case we reserve the right to disinvest.

Members can appoint an investment manager (subject to our due diligence) to run portfolios in their scheme. If so, we offer guidance on the administration requirements and acceptability of assets.

The asset classes that we allow are listed below; please contact us if you are in any doubt that your investment choice is allowable. Please also get in touch if you would like to appoint a discretionary fund manager or stockbroker to ensure it is approved.

Standard investments

These standard investments can be held within our self-invested pensions. If the member has elected to simplify, just one portfolio can be held.

  • Cash
  • Exchange traded commodities
  • Shares in Investment trusts
  • Permanent interest bearing shares (PIBs)
  • Securities admitted to trading on a regulated venue
  • Cash funds
  • Government & local authority bonds and other fixed interest stocks
  • Managed pension funds
  • Physical gold bullion
  • UK commercial property
  • Deposits
  • Investment notes (structured products)
  • National Savings and Investment products
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Units in regulated collective investment schemes

Non-standard investments

The following investments are eligible under the current legislation and regulatory framework. We will perform additional due diligence on specific opportunities.

  • Exempt Property Unit Trusts (EPUTS)
  • Fixed term bank accounts with terms of more than 30 days
  • Hedge Funds
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Offshore bonds
  • Qualified Investor Schemes
  • Secured loans to the principal employer (SSAS only)
  • Securities in Special Purpose Vehicles
  • Trust-based property syndicates
  • Unauthorised unit trusts
  • Unlisted Corporate Bonds
  • Unlisted equities (UK and Non-UK)
  • Unlisted fixed income securities
  • Unlisted Futures, Options and Warrants
  • Unlisted Loan Notes
  • Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes

Unacceptable investments

While we aim to offer the widest range of investment opportunities possible, some assets cannot be held in our self-invested pensions. Including:

  • Carbon credits
  • Contracts for difference
  • Harvestable commodities and plantations
  • Landbanking
  • Life settlements
  • Precious Metal investments – including gold, silver, platinum, copper, except from investment grade gold bullion
  • Residential property (including ground rent)
  • Secured or unsecured loans to connected or unconnected third parties
  • Tangible moveable property including: plant and machinery, wind turbines, solar panels, antiques, fine wine, furniture, jewellery and gemstones, oriental rugs, rare books and stamps, vintage cars, works of art, Krugerrands and yachts
  • Certain types of property – see our property guide for details.

Borrowing to invest

An added benefit of a self-invested pension is the ability to borrow to buy assets, like commercial property, or to pay benefits.

Commercial Property

Self-invested pensions can purchase and hold commercial property, offering the potential for capital growth and regular income.

Pre-approved investment providers

We have links with stockbrokers, fund supermarkets and platforms. Below are a few examples of the providers we work with. Get in touch to find out more.


Advisers need to have a registered account in order to apply. Email Embark platform directly.


Advisers need a registered account to apply. Please contact Brooks Macdonald on 020 7499 6424.


Contact the our sales support team on 01722 443742 or email us for an application form.


Contact the sales support team on 01722 443742 or email us for an application form.