Rowanmoor SIPP services.

Our self-invested personal pension (SIPP) gives clients control of their pension savings, with access to investments across the full spectrum of asset classes.

The Rowanmoor SIPP gives clients full control of their retirement savings, with access to a wide range of investment opportunities. Our aim is to offer the most comprehensive investment choice available under current legislation. A full list is available in our key features document.

There are two investment options for the Rowanmoor SIPP:

  • Single Investment SIPP. Our single investment SIPP is for clients who want to simplify by investing in a single portfolio from a discretionary manager, stockbroker or fund platform.
  • Full Investment SIPP. This option unlocks the SIPP’s complete investment flexibility. There are no restrictions on the number of investments that can be held, allowing you to diversify through multiple portfolios, or invest in assets such as commercial property, unquoted shares and intellectual property.

We provide guidance on the administration requirements and acceptability of assets in the SIPP. Please get in touch if the client's investment choice is not on our approved list.

If the client's investment needs change, they can simplify and convert to a single investment SIPP. No matter how they choose to invest, they will always benefit from our award winning technical capability and service.


Download our SIPP literature and application forms using the links below. Read about the suspension of in specie contributions along with the terms and conditions and fee schedule. If you have any questions, please call our sales support team on 03445 440 550. 

View the full list of permitted investments. To appoint a discretionary fund manager or stockbroker please contact us to ensure it is approved.

stronger together, with a Family SIPP.

The Rowanmoor Family Pension Trust ('Family SIPP') is a cross a between a SSAS and a SIPP. It is designed for like minded investors or family members willing to pool their resources to achieve greater leverage and benefit from lower investment charges. ​​


Could a SSAS be more appropriate?

Alongside our SIPP services, we offer SSASs. A SSAS is a tool for business owners who would like a pension scheme that can also support business planning.

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SIPP features and benefits.

Case studies show how a SIPP can give clients control of their pension savings.

early retirement.

Investing unused annual allowance into a SIPP allowed this member to supplement their defined benefit scheme and fund early retirement.

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investment flexibility.

This member invested in a discretionary portfolio via a simple SIPP and later switched to a full investment SIPP to buy commercial property.

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property purchase.

Borrowing and transferring existing benefits enabled this business owner to buy commercial property, putting their pension to work.

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enhanced benefits.

Jointly purchasing the freehold of premises leased by his company created a stream of rental income that will build retirement savings.

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online account access.

We give financial advisers and their clients secure online access to view valuations, transactions, holdings and benefits information.

commercial property.

A valued feature of a SIPP is the ability to purchase and hold commercial property. Our commercial property guide summarises the factors to consider.

SIPP property guide PDF  

permitted investments.

A SIPP can hold a wide range of asset classes. We consider HMRC permitted investments and apply our own due diligence filter to opportunities.

List of investments