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SSAS practitioner services

We are recognised experts in SSAS administration and employ a team of specialists with in-depth knowledge of HMRC’s rules, taxation and scheme governing principles. Employers and trustees with administrator responsibilities can tap into our professional expertise either for guidance on a specific matter or ongoing support to ensure continued scheme compliance.

Our SSAS practitioner services are tailored to the needs of each scheme and span Actuarial services technical and scheme accountancy, through to the preparation of documentation and administration. These services are suitable for existing SSASs, including scheme takeovers with existing property portfolios.

What we do

Our process begins with a review of your existing scheme. After our initial investigation we agree on the precise services we will provide, which may include:

  •  New scheme documentation
  • Technical and/or administration services
  • Record keeping
  • Annual scheme account preparation
  • Preparing and filing certain HMRC reports
  • Assisting with the purchase and sale of assets
  • Guidance on scheme assets such as property, borrowing and loans
  • Direction for the payment of scheme benefits
  • Actuarial advice and specialist calculations
  • Pension payroll services

Every pension scheme registered in the UK must have a scheme administrator. The administrator is accountable to HMRC for complying with scheme rules and reporting requirements. Anyone acting on behalf of a scheme administrator is a scheme practitioner.

To find out more or explore how we might be able to assist, please get in touch.

Without the involvement of a professional SSAS scheme administrator or practitioner, you risk running into issues and potentially incurring fines as a result. By tapping into our technical expertise you can rest assured your scheme will be run correctly and compliantly.

If you appoint us as practitioners we can correspond with HMRC and prepare scheme documentation or provide actuarial, administration, pension payroll and reporting services. Alternatively, we can simply offer guidance on a technical issue or area of concern.

To find out more or explore how we might be able to assist, please get in touch.

  • SSAS practitioner services application form
  • SSAS practitioner services member questionnaire
  • SSAS practitioner services fee schedule

To find out more please get in touch.

Get in touch

If you have any specific questions, please contact us. Alternatively visit our Document library for more information.